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MoonBat Pride
Menotomy MoonBats

Copyright 2008
Mission Statement:

We are a group of citizens formed to represent the positive ideals embodied in the term “Moonbat”
We embrace the idea of dreaming of a positive future.
We encourage flights of fancy to create new ideas to bring about that future.
We understand that, sometimes, good ideas come from new places.
We welcome others to fly with us.
We are a community-oriented group that believes in open dialog to get ideas out so that people can discuss and decide for themselves.
Moonbat Travels:
Where have you seen a Moonbat T-Shirt? (We have reports of one in Gloucester) Send us your photos and a location, we're starting a "Moonbat Travels" page. You'll be famous!

Moonbats Donate to AEEF

On October 10, The Menotomy Moonbats presented a check to the Arlington Educational Enrichment Fund for $500. We hope to be able to donate more in the future. Thank you all for your support in this effort.

Sorry, we have run out of stock and are not selling these anymore. Please make a donation to AEF.
Mugs available:
                For our initial run of tee-shirts we have decided (based on popular acclaim) to produce a tee shirt with the above (top left) design submitted by Tony Vogel. We think that the top right design (submitted by Ben Craig) is our choice for an expanded run of tee-shirts if demand and investment allow.

We will make the other designs available via the web for purchase in the near future, and may produce other designs.
Please contact us if you are interested in making an investment in the creation of these tee shirts.
Initially, proceeds from sales will be donated to the Arlington Educational Enrichment Fund. Other worthy causes will be considered for donation in the future, as revenues warrant. Contact: info
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